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Winner Three Minute Thesis Australia-New Zealand

After winning the UQ Final of the Three Minute Thesis Competition, I travelled to the University of Western Australia to compete against 42 other PhD students from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I was blown away by the quality of the presentations and the importance of the research. I can’t imagine how the judges managed to make a decision but I ended up coming out on top. Click for more.

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Winner UQ Three Minute Thesis Competition

I’ve taken out the UQ level of the Three Minute Thesis Competition! Ryan Stafford was Runner-up and People’s Choice winner. The thought of presenting three years work in three minutes was daunting. It it even possible? How will I get my point across? Will I fall before the audience in a quivering heap of incoherent babble? I entered the 3MT to overcome my anxiety and learn to talk about my research as plainly as possible.

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Fulbright Queensland Scholar 2011

I’ve been awarded the 2011 Queensland Fulbright Scholarship. I’ll spend a year researching at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to determine how accurate fingerprint experts are, explore the psychology that affects how well they match fingerprints, and maximise the reliability of fingerprint evidence in the criminal justice system. The 2011 Fulbright Scholars were presented with their awards at the Adelaide Festival Centre on 10th March 2011.

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ATSE Young Science Ambassador Award

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has selected me as a Young Science Ambassador.  Selected on personal qualities and scholarly excellence, Ambassadors engage in a number of science promotion activities such as visiting and giving lectures to schools, meeting parliamentarians and addressing Academy Fellows. These awards aim to encourage talented young scientists and engineers who are currently engaged in research and development to promote science and science education.

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Smart Futures PhD Scholarship

The Queensland Government have awarded me a Smart Futures PhD Scholarship to study the psychology behind fingerprint identification with Dr Jason Tangen [UQ Media Release]. The scholarship is part of the Queensland Government’s Innovation Skills Fund and provides $22,500 funding for outstanding PhD students to undertake innovative research in Queensland [Ministerial Media Release]. Click for more.


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