Awarded Doctor of Philosophy

I successfully navigated my thesis defence and am, for all intents and purposes, a Doctor of Philosophy.  A heartfelt thank you to all those involved. Thesis here, oral defence slides here, acknowledgments below.


That mine is the only name on this thesis must be an error. There is no earthly way I could have made it through without friends, family, colleagues, and taxpayers.

To Jason Tangen: You are a gentleman and a scholar. Your wisdom, guidance, and infectious enthusiasm has instilled in me a passion for discovery, teaching, and sharing. You taught me to be methodical, open, thoughtful, and impactful. The best I can do in gratitude is to be as generous toward my own students.

To Penelope Sanderson: This is the seventh year that I’ve had the pleasure of being your student. You have influenced so many aspects of my life. From day one you have guided me towards becoming a better academic and a better person. When you first met my brother at my first graduation, he said he was surprised not to see you with a shining halo. I still gloat about how lucky I am to have you as a mentor, and I will persevere in striving to emulate you.

To William Thompson and Gary Edmond: You have been my legal guardian angels— steering me well and putting me in my place. Your tolerance and tutelage has given me the knowledge and confidence to push my research outside the lab.

To those who supported my Fulbright Scholarship year at UCLA and UC Irvine—Jennifer Mnookin, William Thompson, Itiel Dror, Simon Cole, Mark Darby, and Elizabeth Loftus— thank you for opening doors and making it an incredible year.

Thank you to my police and professional colleagues—Duncan McCarthy, Bruce Comber, Teneille Evans, Jenny Scott, and Alastair Ross—for helping me understand your world and for being our champions.

Thank you to my lab and office mates for making the days fun and enlightening: Wen Wu, Rachel Searston, Ruben Laukkonen, Elise Jones, Alice Towler, Rene Treloar, Kathleen Ivison, Bridie James, Merryn Constable, Katherine Woodward, Sean Murphy, Jacqueline Seah, Elizabeth Whitehouse, Cindy Arnita Theresiana, Billy Sung, Jane Sexton, Hayley Thomason, Joyce Vromen, Itsik Nadler, Tobias Grundgeiger, Stacey Parker, and Tania Xiao.

Thank you to the institutions that have supported me financially: National ICT Australia, the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, the Queensland Government, the Australian Government and The University of Queensland.

To William Harrison, James Retell, Morgan Tear, and David Liu: You have made these the best years of my life.

To Peter, Helen, Dad, Krystal, and Mike: You were patient beyond belief and I’m lucky to have you.

To Mum: You weren’t here physically, but I couldn’t have done it without you.

To my dearest Jess: In the Acknowledgements of my first thesis, I wrote, “I hope one day to repay you for the unwavering support you have given me. I love you.” That day is yet to come, but I am now well and truly indebted to you, and I appreciate everything you do for me and for us. Although, one thing has changed since then: I love you more than ever.