Photographs on Display at the US Embassy

US Ambassador Bleich has selected two of my photographs for display at the US Embassy in Canberra. The competition, “America Through Australian Eyes” received more than 180 submissions from across Australia and my photographs below, “The Great Dividing Range” and “Bushfire Glow,” were two of the eight selected.

“The Great Dividing Range,” Central Park, New York, NY, f/8, 1/400 sec
“Bushfire Glow,” San Francisco, CA, f/6.3, 6 sec

Ambassador Bleich said,

One of the great gifts of diplomatic work is not only to experience another nation, but to experience your own nation from a different vantage point. When our Public Affairs staff moved from their offices at the National Press Club building in Canberra to brand new digs at the Embassy, they came up with an inspired idea – to decorate its walls with images of America as seen by Australians.

To mark the building’s opening, we launched the contest “America Through Australian Eyes.” The contest asked Australians to submit their best photos from their travels in the United States, with winning entries being promised pride of place in the hallways. We received more than 180 submissions from across Australia, which included dozens of truly breath-taking photographs. As judge of this contest, it was hard for me to choose the eight winning entries from among so many strong contenders.

But ultimately, these were the photos that gave me the freshest and most compelling take on my own country. Congratulations to … Matthew Thompson (Toowong, QLD), who took spectacular shots of the skylines of New York City and San Francisco. Thank you to all of them for beautifying our new Public Affairs home, and even more, for helping us see our reflection more clearly. 



Me and Ambassador Bleich Fulbright Parliament House 2013 (Photograph: Travis Longmore)
Me and Ambassador Bleich at Parliament House (Photograph: Travis Longmore)