Dinner at Parliament House

Fresh off a plane from the US, Jess and I travelled to Canberra for the Fulbright Dinner at Parliament House. We celebrated the 2013 Scholars and caught up with past US and Australian Fulbright recipients. Unfortunately, it was the day of the Labor leadership spill, so Prime Minister Gillard didn’t make it to dinner, but it was great to chat to US Ambassador Bleich again. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“The Fulbright Program was the first treaty between our nations, even before our ANZUS Alliance. And Fulbright’s spirit remains the bedrock of our relationship. We are bound by common values. In a world with billions of people, there will never be enough laws, or guns, or fences, or bombs to keep us secure. It is the social ties – the faith that other people value their lives and their children and want peace just as we do – on which humanity’s future rests. These things are not legislated – they are formed through what Fulbrighters do – the thousands of interactions and tender connections among people.”