Fulbright Enrichment New Orleans

Fulbright in New Orleans

Thanks to the US Department of State, I was flown to New Orleans with dozens of Fulbright Scholars from around the world to discuss Global challenges, local solutions: Climate change and environmental sustainability. We were featured in the local rag, The Times Picayune, whilst volunteering at The Green Project repurposing landfill to help rebuild houses post-Katrina. My group also took the award for Best Environmental Solution and Presentation!

Matthew B Thompson - Fulbright Enrichment New Orleans

From the Department of State: “President Obama has identified climate change and the environment as key priorities of his administration. Under his leadership, the U.S. Government is committed to domestic action through clean energy, vehicle and appliance efficiency, and environmental standards. Climate change is a global challenge that demands contribution and leadership on every level – national, civic and local. At the 2012 New Orleans seminar we will focus on efforts of cities, organizations and individuals who have answered President Obama’s call to action by developing innovative, local solutions to environmental challenges.”