Matthew B. Thompson Three Minute Thesis

Winner UQ Three Minute Thesis Competition

I’ve taken out the UQ level of the Three Minute Thesis Competition! Ryan Stafford was Runner-up and People’s Choice winner. The thought of presenting three years work in three minutes was daunting. It it even possible? How will I get my point across? Will I fall before the audience in a quivering heap of incoherent babble? I entered the 3MT to overcome my anxiety and learn to talk about my research as plainly as possible.

The 3MT changed the way I think about my PhD. I was forced to consider the social and economic impacts of my research, and how our lives might be improved as a result. Seeing the bigger picture gave me new purpose and motivation for all those late nights in the lab. Thank you to the people who helped develop my 3MT: Jason TangenWill Harrison and Melanie McKenzie. (Photographs courtesy David Liu.)